Discover Gifts Worth Giving: Co-Workers

From coffee presses to customizable pens, office-friendly gifts for colleagues


At the end of the day, these are the people we spend most of our time with—show them the proper appreciation for the countless Internet videos they share throughout the year.


Jeeves & Jericho

Based in Oxford, contemporary tea company Jeeves & Jericho offers fresh and unique flavors for loose-leaf tea aficionados. The tea’s retro packaging brings down the formality, and looks good tied with a bow in the office grab—hopefully, they’ll share. 20g packages sell between £3-£8 (about $5-$13 USD) at Jeeves & Jericho.

Coffee Press

For the coffee drinker with high style standards, the original French press Bodum Chambord will surely impress. This polished 17-oz version makes up to four cups, so it’s a sophisticated way to get over-caffeinated in the new year. The French press sells for $37 from

Dewars_Gifts_Coworkers2.jpg Dewars_Gifts_Coworkers3.jpg
Parafernalia Falter 2D Pen Kit

For a more hands-on work mate, the Parafernalia Pen Kit will get them through the afternoon lull in the office. Assemble a custom pen using any of the tools in the package, with a metal base that can be molded into any of the available shapes. It’s an item with no real purpose save for the satisfaction it gives the crafty cubicle-dweller. The Parafernalia Pen Kit is available at Cult Pens for £21 (about $33 USD).

Stress Paul

Meet Paul, the ultra-squeezable, squishy stress-relief ball. Certainly there’s someone in the office that could use a blob on their desktop to grab at a moment’s notice—think of it as the ultimate remedy for never-ending conference-calls and impossible bosses. Get it at SuckUk for £7.50 (about $12 USD).