Droog: A Touch of Green



One of the great things about visiting trade fairs is witnessing the emergence of trends and threading together the seemingly random way in which creative people develop similar ideas. Like Stephen Burks' Cappellini Love tables that we reported on yesterday, Belgian designer Touchwood.jpg

Another product that shares similar traits with a recent design is Rotterdam-based duo milanHummer.jpg

Easily the most engaging part of the show was Tobias Rockenfeld's "Creatures," a grouping of robots and insects made from discarded toys combined with household refuse and other trash. Quirky, somewhat creepy in cases, and not something that will be put into regular production, they offer the hope that children can be stimulated by more than slick toys and video games. It certainly made me long for a respite from all the highly polished furniture exhibitions and sift through the trash. (See more Creatures images after the jump.)