Barbara Í Gongini


by Ezra Natalia

Fascinated by graphic forms and primitive silhouettes, Danish fashion designer Barbara Í Gongini delivers a collection of black wedding dresses and conceptual knits based on the old traditions of her native Faro Islands. A spiritual and political person, Barbara uses eco-friendly jersey and believes fashion can be a strong instrument in changing the world's view on the environment and sustainable products. Her aim is not at quick growth or high volume sales, but instead to ensure that a high level of innovation and quality can be achieved over a duration of time.

Barbara finds inspiration in many things, besides her everyday surroundings. Audio and visual mediums are important to her, but it's the minimalism and functionalism of Nordic and Japanese design that she finds most influential on her methods of thinking. She divides her collection into two extreme points that come together making a coherent point of view. I-rEguLar is the creative side, where Barbara plays around with various themes, bringing together art and design. REguLar is a more basic version of I-rEguLar, but still a very personal expression on form.


Barbara's ambition for creating things never stops, and she hopes to expand her collection to include shoes, bags and jewelry in the future. Her goal is to be among the pioneering leaders within womenswear internationally and we think she'll have no problem achieving that.