Fashion Geek


Part DIY, part inspiration for the future of fashion, Project Runway (and Fashion Geek" is filled with creative ideas on how to tech up your wardrobe.

Our personal favorite is the digital locket, which takes the usually drab digital keychain and gives it a sparkly new purpose in five easy steps. The result is an embellished necklace that shows off your favorite photos and creative skills.

In addition to the crafty ideas that range from hoodies with built in earbuds to a purse that lights up when your mobile phone rings, Eng also provides an easy-does-it guide to basic sewing techniques. Even better is her simplified way of explaining how to work with electronics, such as stripping and soldering wire and sewing on LEDs.

It's clear Eng has a full grasp on how to work with technology, and is excited to share the endless possibilities with her readers. After playing around with fashion and technology in college, she realized her fascination with the combination that was until recently only found at high fashion runway shows and research labs.


Fashion Geek is a thoughtful book that provides great insight and detailed information on how we can make our clothing more interactive and proves how fun experimenting with fashion can be. You can purchase a copy from Amazon or Powell's.