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If the World Were a Village of 100 People

Global order characterized in a bright and concise infographic

if_the_world_were_a_village_1.jpg if_the_world_were_a_village_3.jpg

Breaking down the statistics among earth’s entire population in a digestible form is not a simple task—which is why we were so enlightened by the infographic series “If the World Were a Village of 100 People,” which was scouted by our friend and designer Alan Jones-Mann. The smart series of illustrations by graphic designer Toby Ng depicts social trends and conditions among a hypothetical condensed population with profound clarity.

if_the_world_were_a_village_2.jpg if_the_world_were_a_village_4.jpg

Minimalistic imagery elucidates the extent of disparities between first and third world conditions. The 1% of the population to get an education makes up just the tip of the tassel on a graduation mortarboard, while those living in fear of attack and those who don’t are represented by two birds, one flying free and one perched in an alligator’s mouth. Other stats are reflected in bright, simple iconography like sexual orientation on a banana, literacy in a pair of glasses and starvation versus obesity as the pieces of a pizza pie.

To view the complete collection of illustrations, you can check out Toby Ng’s website.

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