Letter from the Editor: Leaping into 2020

Big news for the new decade

It’s 2020. Though it’s just another year, the cognitive leap is massive. Not only a new decade, an aesthetically pleasing number and a welcome sense of extreme futurism, 2020 is literally a leap year. COOL HUNTING will be 17 years old next month. We’ve experienced and shared stories of so many incredible people, places and things over the years. We’ve weathered the shitstorm of the media world and have managed to stay in business by being passionate and dedicated to our core values—focusing on quality over quantity, remaining curious and respecting that the idea of “cool” is entirely subjective. Despite our many achievements and firsts, we’ve remained humble. We’ve also gone through many cycles, oscillating between innovating our craft and committing to our process. This year, 2020, we’re going to leap forward. It’s an innovation year, a time for change.

by Josh Rubin

The first of new things to come is a big one for me. Since I started COOL HUNTING with my partner Evan Orensten I’ve been the Editor in Chief. I’ve never considered another role, but now it’s time. Not time for me to leave (I’m not going anywhere) but time to make way for new leadership on our editorial front. For over six years David Graver has been our most passionate team member. He craves remarkable experiences, has an insatiable appetite to learn and a brilliant talent for sharing observations and insights from the world we swim in. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to see him grow, evolve his skills as a writer and editor, and thrive in his work. I’m naming David our new Editor in Chief to recognize the fact that he’s already achieving this level of work and to grant him permission to lead us into the future. He has earned this promotion and COOL HUNTING will be even stronger as it evolves. Congrats David!

As for my role, I will provide editorial direction for our content, creative direction for our products and strategic solutions for our studio clients. Being more central in the organization will allow me to better draw meaningful connections between our stories, commerce, travel, studio and consulting work. In turn, guiding more leaps.

-Josh Rubin, Founder + Executive Creative Director, COOL HUNTING

Lead image by Julia Schäfer