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Nine Transparent LG OLED Screens Display Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s Digital Art at Frieze New York

This expansive NFT is emphasized by the future-forward technology it’s presented upon

Frieze New York returns to the The Shed for a second year, populating four floors with ruminative and eye-catching works from hundreds of artists and 65 galleries (both local and international). The uppermost level of the art fair (numerically, floor eight) houses brand partners, champagne and cocktails and one futuristic installation powered by LG Electronics. It is here that nine Transparent OLED Signage screens display the digital art of NFT pioneer Kevin McCoy and collaborator Jennifer McCoy. Known as “Quantum Leap: Dark Star” (2022), the awe-inspiring, expansive artwork incorporates previous creations from McCoy’s Quantum Leap: Primordial Star series—though here they drain of color, transform into a memento mori and then explode with vibrancy once again. It’s also been tokenized on the blockchain, thus rendering it as an NFT.

The McCoys have other imaginative artworks on site—including an ever-changing generative NFT named “Quantum Leap: Primordial Star 3” (2022)—but the sci-fi-like magnitude of “Quantum Leap: Dark Star” cannot be ignored. Viewers can approach the piece from either side, or stand back and observe the metamorphosis from afar. Composing this digital canvas is self-lit OLED technology, which enables rich color, clarity and brightness. It’s a prime example of the ever-more-frequent instances where technology reinforces the art within.

Images courtesy of LG Electronics


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