Linden Agave Singlefin Surfboard


Surfing, more than many other sports, is both more closely connected to and heavily dependent on the health of the planet, yet the industry's been slow to get away from the use of toxic and harmful materials in boards. This is mostly due to the fact that untraditional materials just don't perform as well. A great eco-friendly alternative without compromising board performance is Gary Linden's Custom Agave Singlefin.

Made from dead Agave harvested from SoCal deserts, it's a sustainable and extremely durable material that provides a bit of flexion. Each agave board takes over 60 hours to shape making for a smooth ride in a variety of conditions. More importantly, Agave is a light material that greatly outperforms the heavy wood boards of the past making people rethink the wood surfboard.

Crafting surfboards since 1967, all are custom and original productions. For more info visit Linden Surfboards. Price of the Agave Singlefin is available upon request.

via Outside