LCDP Liquid Detergent for Delicate Textiles and Lingerie


La Compagnie De Provence Marseille (LCDP), one of the most traditional and long-standing French soapmakers, reinvented lingerie soap with their Liquid Detergent for Delicate Textiles and Lingerie ($21). A happy marriage of edgy design, environmentalism and quality, the gothic lettering lends a mean streak but it's gentle enough for even your most precious clothes. It's also 98% biodegradable—not surprising since it is made exclusively with vegetable-based surface-active agents, as LCDP's tradition dictates.

Browse the LCDP shop for other luxurious soaps, like the Ylang Noir Pur powdered soap for delicate skins ($22.50); the certified organic vegetable and fruit wash ($18); the Verbena, Lavender or Mediterranean Sea Calanques linen water ($12), as well as a selection of the best Marseille and olive oil soaps, body lotions, shampoos, shaving creams, available in the both traditional recipes and in plenty of interesting new variations (from $ 1.75-$31).

by Tacita Vero