Lively’s All-Day Series Lingerie

The affordable underwear start-up's new styles draw inspiration from vintage swimwear, while staying true to comfort

Lively, which launched earlier this spring, is proving itself to be an attractive, inexpensive option that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or quality. Their new soft and summery “All-Day Series” continues their design mantra of combining the aesthetic elements of active, swim and lingerie—helping wearers feel like they’re wearing almost nothing. (It all hints back to their name: lingerie to live in.) For those who are looking for something different from a monochrome bralette, the striped bands and vintage swim nods in this new collection are worth a look.

Shop the styles online at Lively, where two bras are $55 (or three for $75) and three pairs of underwear are $25.

Images courtesy of Lively