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Lingerie Dement

Magnetized lingerie makes getting undressed a snap


Ripping off clothes in a fit of passion always sounds hot—until you find your expensive, “somebody’s-going-to-see-these” underwear torn to unsalvageable shreds. To keep the heat up without sacrificing silk and lace, former costume designer and the Parisian mastermind behind Lingerie Dement Laetitia Schlumberger created rip-off bras, panties, bustiers, and ensembles perfect for getting busy in a hurry.


Tiny, almost invisible magnets hold the pieces in place, holding tight enough to ensure that there won’t be any accidental panty-dropping in the office. But when the moment arrives, the well-placed connectors snap apart in one swift tear.

Made of seductive fabrics in delicate, feminine designs, the pieces have all the allure of French lingerie. Bras run between €70 and 90, panties between €50 and 60, and the garments are available online at Jollia, as well as at a
handful of stores in the U.S. and France

Illustration and story via My Little Paris