The New Ressence Type 3 Wristwatch

Updating the complications within the visually striking masterpiece


It’s been two years since Benoît Mintiens, founder and designer at Ressence, shook up the watch world with his debut of the Type 3. This crown-free timepiece has a distinct visual identity unlike any other watch—and it’s due to a crystal dome that emphasizes 35.2 ml of refractive oil within. The visible components are in fact suspended in oil. (There is a titanium divider that keeps the lower gears unaffected.) This engineering feat was attempted for more than a novelty factor: the oil and crystal combination deliver a water-drop effect setting the face and its information front and center on the crystal rather than resting back on the dial. With the new Type 3, announced today 10 March 2015 but making an in-person debut at next week’s Baselworld, an additional gauge has been added—and it reflects Ressence’s want for perfection.

An impressive enhancement of their invisible fluid technology, the latest rendition features a mechanical thermal gauge. It works to inform wearers when the watch is performing at its best. At only .5 millimeters this bi-metal spiral rests .1 millimeters under the disc. From there, it detects any fluctuation in the surface oil—even the slightest change. The gauge charts a range from -5 degrees to +55 degrees Celsius, an informative attribute never before seen in a watch. And rather than over-complicate the stunning face, it lends a nice touch of visual balance.

The latest Ressence Type 3 is expected to be priced around 35,400 CHF and will be available in May 2015. More information about the watch will be available soon on the Ressence website.

Images courtesy of Ressence