Schwinn Vestige

Semi-translucent flax fiber bike hits stores just in time for summer riding

schwinn-flax1.jpg schwinn-flax2.jpg

Presented at Eurobike 2010 (where it took home a Gold Award for innovation), the Schwinn Vestige is finally hitting the mainstream market, selling in stores across the U.S. toward the end of July 2011. The biodegradable bike is made from recyclable flax fiber and coated with water soluble paint, taking the already environmentally-friendly act of cycling a step further.


Utilizing flax’s naturally clear composition, Schwinn implemented a lighting system powered by the front hub, which illuminates the bike’s translucent frame when in motion. In addition to the amusing effects, flax also has functional qualities. Highly absorbent and super strong, flax rivals carbon fiber frames in terms of performance and capability.

schwinn-flax3.jpg schwinn-flax4.jpg

The 80% flax fiber bike (the other 20% is made from carbon) is topped off with bamboo fenders and grips, Schwalbe tires and a 9-speed Shimano drive train. The Vestige comes in men’s and women’s styles and will sell for $1400 from Schwinn dealers around the U.S.