ScumLife Beast Hombre Action Figures


Rapper, illustrator and all-around talented guy Tone Tank recently launched the Beast Hombre action figure, adding another dimension to this multifaceted OG Brooklynite. Unlike the current trend toward cartoonish Japanese toys, the Hombre borrows more from the traditional action figures of our childhood.

The Scumlife founder explains that the handmade resin action figure is "a bi-product of my obsession with Chinese bootlegs and '80s action figures." Upon acquiring various figures from eBay, he became impressed with the inaccurate bootleg offerrings—like a large-headed Superman figure carrying a Samurai sword—and added a glowing chest to his Beast Hombre figure to represent such absurdities.


A limited edition run of 24 figures in total, the Beast Hombre action figure is available from the Scumlife online shop for $20, so be sure to pick one up quick.

Images courtesy of Lizzy Snaps.