Swiss-Made TESLAR Watches’ Internal Chip Mimics Earth’s Natural Frequency

Timex Group Luxury Division aims to counter hazardous electromagnetic exposure with a new brand

At the heart of each TESLAR watch, one “Turbo Chip” synchronizes with the nearby battery, produces a scalar wave at 7-9Hz, and transmits it out through the caseback. Together, this distinct process means that the watch itself mimics and distributes the frequency of planet Earth. As a first in the industry, Timex Group Luxury Division (a Swiss-based branch of the popular watch brand) imparted this feature in a dedicated brand of wristwatches as a means to disrupt electromagnetic exposure. And the design, for all 29 distinct styles, nods to this.


“TESLAR timepieces’ minimalist designs have been crafted with the intent to spotlight the wellness capabilities of the technology within,” Paolo Marai, President and CEO of Timex Group Luxury Division, says to CH. “Drawing inspiration from the Fibonacci Sequence and the Seed of Life, the timepieces pay homage to Earth’s natural frequencies.” The brand did a superb job in translating these capabilities into design attributes—from the dynamic dials (with both sunray and wave patterning) to the signature 3D triangular small seconds hand.

We are adrift in electromagnetic pollution all day, every day. The team behind TESLAR did extensive laboratory testing on the technology they employ. It’s an exciting development in an industry that doesn’t often take risks beyond colorways and case materials.

Images courtesy of TESLAR