The Throw-yo is a new collectible yo-yo coming out next year. It is rumored to be influenced by "the evolving Yo-Yo sub-culture with street, cutting-edge fashion, art and music cultures." It is the collaboration of four talents: Professional basketball player Baron Davis, award winning National and World Spin Top champion yo-yo player and Buzz-on yo-yo company partner Dave Bazan, and the directing team of Coodie and Chike who are represented by A Band Apart.

So is this a post about a phantom product, the (partial) sponsorship of the 2005 National Yo-Yo Contest, or the fine yo-yos at Buzz-on?


What we can tell you is that everything other than the mysterious Throw-yo is very real. The five championship titles up for grabs at the 2005 Nationals deserve more attention than they will likely get. Buzz-on (left) yo-yos are fine precision made objects that have an aftermarket and are tough to get a hold of, and we'll either be played or made when the Throw-yo surfaces next year…