Tom Dixon’s New Glass Terrariums

Double-headed vessels with miniature ecosystems and easy instructions

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Our love for Tom Dixon has finally aligned with our appreciation for terrariums. At this year’s

Maison et Objet, Dixon unveiled the PLANT collection—as well as a visual “how-to” guide for their at-home customization. The distinct double-headed design makes it easy to assemble a unique micro-ecosystem, and adjust accordingly. For those who don’t feel up to the challenge when it comes to mastering a small universe, the vessels can also be used as any other vase to hold floral arrangements.

Each piece has been mouth-blown, and variation from vessel to vessel is evidence of this. No two pieces, in the two size range, will ever be exactly the same. They’re another well-considered addition to the shape-driven world of Tom Dixon.

Available now online, the PLANT collection starts at $165.

Images courtesy of Tom Dixon