What Wood You Say

Custom wooden messages by Chicago artist Sighn


As if his ambitious ITSOK project—hand-cutting one million wooden ornaments with the slogan “It’s OK”—wasn’t enough, the aptly-named artist Sighn is putting the creativity in your hands with his new project What Wood You Say. For a limited time, Sighn will carve out your favorite saying or wisdom-nugget for a tailormade art object or personalized gift.

woodsay1.jpg woodsay2.jpg

Sighn put it simply, recently explaining, “I’ve been getting requests for a long time, that I haven’t been able to make time for. This concept standardizes the production, making it easier for me to create custom pieces for people. I’ve also been doing some larger paragraph pieces for collectors, and have really gotten the font/way I make it down pat.”


He will be accepting orders for his hand-crafted commissions through November and December 2010. Each signed and dated work sells for $5 a character (with a 50 character maximum) from Multi Polar Projects. To see some of Sighn’s more conceptual typographic works, check out his woodcuts at Allegoric Space.