NightCove Circadian Clock


Designed by French company Zyken to promote healthful sleeping with ambient lighting, the NightCove is scientifically proven to increase energy levels and lucidity in the morning and to overall result in better sleep. Two years in the making, the clock uses LEDs to control the wavelengths, intensity and variations of light, which affect the brain's production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. With programmable modes for falling asleep, napping and waking, the NightCove uses colors to mimic dawn and dusk guiding users in and out of wakefulness. Other features include connectivity options for integrating the light-clock with other components like mp3 players and computers and lighting and the ability to synchronize with another NightCove. Eventually Zyken plans to expand their line with more products that benefit health with technology.

Not for the faint of pocketbook (and no word yet on where to buy it), the Zyken NightCove costs €1,785.