Easy Tasty Magic

A line of wildly creative, beautifully packaged rubs, pastes, sprays and spices designed for kitchen alchemists

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Laura Santtini’s Easy Tasty Magic collection of taste-enhancers stimulates the senses, both with refreshingly original flavor combos and beautifully clever approaches to packaging.

The range includes an assortment of Santtini’s inventions—latterday rubs, alchemical larders, seasonal salts, elixirs, umami paste and food bling—each as creatively delicious as the next.


Recently taking a break from the family business of running the London’s famed Santini restaurant, the successful writer and chef now focuses solely on Easy Tasty Magic products. The passion she puts into her work speaks for itself; opening one of her jars or tubes fills the air with the aroma of spices and savory delights. But Santtini’s remarkable talent for mixing simple ingredients into intensely mouth-watering blends is only half the story.

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The playful packaging, designed by
We Should Coco
, not only lends an entertaining spin on seriously tasty ingredients, but lends convenience to cooking. A few drops of the Taste No. 5 umami paste squeezed from a tube cleverly covers up any lack in cooking skills. Carnal Sin’s “heady Persian rose blend,” which comes in a wide-mouth glass jar, takes meat to a whole new level.

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The thoughtful and imaginative range of flavors comprising Easy Tasty Magic currently sells at Selfridges stores in the U.K., at La Grande Epicerie in Paris, from Waitrose, and soon will be available online. Look for it in the U.S. in fall 2010.