Tasty Brand Healthy Snacks

A new line of nutritious, kid-palate-friendly snacks

tasty-baby-1.jpg tasty-baby-last.jpg

Catching our eye recently with the retro vibe of their packaging, Tasty Brand snacks back up their looks with deliciously healthy treats. We’re excited about their upcoming Carrot Cake and Pumpkin Pie vegetable cereal bars—which will be the first snack bars on the market to feature vegetables—but the entire line boasts the kind of nutrition and flavor we can get behind.

The upshot of a collaboration between a journalist and a chef, Liane Weintraub and Shannah Swanson (of Swanson frozen foods) created Tasty Brand to provide organic and sustainable food for babies. Their new Tasty Baby organic infant cereals are the first tailored for different times of the day. While a majority of the products are geared for infants, the “superfruit” snacks benefit any age. The duo also offers recipe options for their baby food, such as Carrot Coconut Soup made with their Sweetie Pie sweet potato organic puree.


Tasty Brand foods, which come in “tasty not wasty” packaging, sells at environmentally-concerned Amazon.