Highland Park 1968 Single Malt Scotch

The first bottle in a series of high-quality limited edition whiskies from Highland Park


We had the opportunity to sample the first release in Highland Park‘s Orcadian limited edition series, the 1968, made from eight very special casks. The ambitious effort is being led by Highland’s Max McFarlane, and will feature another nine specialty releases through 2015.

Known for their incredible craftsmanship, the Orkney-based distiller confirms their attention to detail with the 1968 edition, boasting a complex bouquet of citrus and caramel tones. The palate reveals hints of ginger and cloves, as well as an oak-infused orange flavor balanced out by a trace of vanilla.

Available this spring, the spectacular 1968 will have a release of only 1,550 bottles, and will retail for $4,000.

Beyond the price of many of us, one strategy is to get together a group of friends or local Whiskey enthusiasts and afficionados. A $200 contribution from 20 people will get each of you a delightful glass. $100 from 40 people will get you half a shot, enough to fully enjoy the 1968.