Customizable, Human-Grade Dog Food from Ollie

Meet your pup's nutritional needs through a program developed with a specialized veterinarian

The dog food industry—almost all $30 billion of it—has been under the ownership of four conglomerates for years. Within, there have been options and advancements aplenty but that doesn’t necessarily mean quality has been a centerpiece. In fact, it’s not for most brands. With Ollie, human-grade food (from farms in the US and Australia) composes meals in tailored, balanced menus. These meals tackle a dog’s nutritional needs and have been developed in conjunction with a specialized veterinarian. When creating a new account owners build a profile for their dog listing breed, weight, age and activity level, then the team at Ollie recommends portion size and shared the total nutritional make up of each meal. This is a subscription model service, meaning all meals get delivered directly to doorsteps in packaged portions—complete with a custom scooper. And, it starts at $3 a day (for small dogs).

Three years ago, Ollie founder Gabby Slome (a certified canine nutritionist) rescued a dog in Colombia—just before entering business school. The dog, named Poncho, actually got more sick upon its return to the US which led Slome to research the dog food industry first and foremost. At the core of it was a big disconnect between what people believe they’re feeding their dog and what they actually are serving. She launched Ollie in October 2016 and has since served over one million meals. “If you clean up dog food you clean up human food, too,” she adds optimistically pointing out that changing the standards will change the farming overall. Slome’s concern for dogs extends beyond quality meals; Ollie contributes 1% of their revenue to shelters and rescues, as well.

CH mascot Logan, a Sealyham Terrier, has been enjoying Ollie for over a month now. He devours every meal—liking the beef, chicken and lamb formulations equally. His weight is optimal and energy levels high, especially for a 14-year-old. Prior to trying Ollie—which is cooked at a low temperature to maintain moisture and nutrition—Logan was on a raw diet which is excellent for most dogs, but more work for owners. Plus, according to Logan’s vet, older dogs don’t benefit from a raw meat diet the way younger dogs do and at times it can even be harder for them to digest.

Images courtesy of Ollie