Reverend Berriman’s Heavenly Unorthodox Beverages

Chili-infused soft drinks with divine inspiration


Barely a few weeks into launching, Reverend Berriman’s Heavenly Unorthodox Beverages’ chili-infused sodas (not to mention the company’s tongue-in-cheek marketing strategy) have already made global waves.

To start, John Berriman who founded the Cornwall, England-based company, is indeed a reverend. As the story goes, “divine inspiration” struck Berriman one evening as he pondered the results of infusing his homemade cola with freshly-picked chili peppers. After a year of product development, the final result is a soft drink imbued with the heat of chilis without the flavor, imparting a subtle “glow” in the back of the throat.

In addition to a cleverly understated logo (note the collar) and packaging by the U.K.-based firm Lowestudio, the company’s marketing team consists (no kidding!) of a Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Paul—further proof that the Powers That Be support a good side business. And, a portion of the proceeds go to charitable organizations like the
Turnaround Project.

Currently available in Cola (regular and Diet), as well as Sparkling Apple flavors, Reverend Berriman’s Heavenly Unorthodox Beverages sell at small grocers and gourmet shops throughout England. The company also offers flavorful “mocktail” alternatives to mixed-alcohol drinks on their site.

While Reverend Berriman’s spicy sweet beverages currently are only distributed in the U.K., they continue to gain attention for their innovative recipes. The sodas sell for £1.20 a bottle or £13 for a 12-pack from their online store.