Five Foods with a Kick

Train your tongue with our round-up of chili-infused products

For those looking for a Scoville-rated snack, or if you just want to eat something that will put hair on your chest, we put together a few current favorites in the spicy department.


Kultrun Olive Oil

The perfect complement to pasta, salads or hearty bread, Kultrun Olive Oil is made with the Chilean Cacho de Cabra. The smoky pepper, harvested in the valleys of the Andes Mountains, has been prepared for centuries by the indigenous Mapuche farmers using traditional ancient techniques. Produced by Zocalo Gourmet, the oil sells from La Tienda, get it from them for about $12 per bottle or check grocery stores in the U.S.


Laurel Hill Tortilla Chips

A three-generation-strong family business, Laurel Hil sources the finest ingredients to produce their gluten-free tortilla chips. Crafted in four flavors, we particularly enjoy their Pepita & Spice as well as their Olive & Caper chips. While they fall on different ends of the flavor spectrum, both feature a refreshing spiciness that goes perfectly with salsa or other dips and spreads. Pick up a bag from grocers like Whole Foods for about $3 a bag.

escazu_PumpSeedsLarge.jpg smartfries-small.jpg

Escazú Artisan Chocolates is a bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate-maker producing a few unusual bars that we’re currently obsessing over. Their EZCA Carenero bar features 60% Venezuelan chocolate with Goat’s milk, lending the “dark” bar an addictive tang. It’s available for $6 from Escazú’s online store. Their Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Guajillo Chili is a combo with a kick in a 74% Carenero bar that we haven’t experienced anywhere else. Check with Escazú to order these too.

Smart Fries

Created by Amazon for $24 per 24-pack.


We first wrote about
Cabo Chips back in ’06 and they remain one of our favorites. New to their line up, the Spicy Chipotle with Soy and Lime delivers a trifecta of spice-salt-citrus perfection. A 4.5-ounce bag sells for $2. Visit the Cabo Chips site for online and local retailers.