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Extra Lit Shrimp Chips


New from Potli, these Extra Lit Shrimp Chips are a zesty take on a classic treat. Salty but sweet, with a kick of heat—thanks to the brand’s trademark Mala Spice blend with …

Flock Foods

Original Chicken Chips


Available in three flavors—original, salt and vinegar, and BBQ—Flock Foods’ gluten- and dairy-free chicken chips contain more protein than potato chips. Made from 100% premium chicken skins and sea salt (and fried …

Lillie's Q

Pimento Cheese Kettle Chips


Inspired by the famed sandwich that’s been served at the Master’s Tournament since 1934, Lillie’s Q fuses crunchy kettle chips with delectable pimento cheese flavor. The traditional southern staple becomes snackable and …

Wilde Brands

Himalayan Pink Salt Chicken Chips


Wilde Brands recently debuted a Himalayan Pink Salt flavor for their chicken chips (thinly cut pieces of chicken fried with tapioca flour) and it offers a complex, delectable taste, along with the …

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Crisps Only, Belfast

Irish snack-time staple, the crisp sandwich, is making a comeback thanks to an online joke turned real-life venture. That Wee Café in Belfast opened a pop-up serving only the potato chip-filled sammies …