Three New Healthy Drinks

Vitamin-infused and immunity-boosting beverages that keep it healthy on-the-go

Whether for working out, post-hedonist recovery or just healthy hydration, vitamin-infused beverages make a tasty way to boost immune systems all around. Highlighted below are three that recently caught our eye for their distinctive blend of flavors and overall innovation.



Recognizing that vitamins and other healthy components aren’t nearly as effective after sitting in water (some lose over half their potency in 30 days), Activate intelligently keeps the essential ingredients in the cap. Their “hid in the lid” technology locks vitamins in the cap of the bottle, which a simple twist releases and mixes in with a good follow up shake. Check out our video for a quick demo.



Created by a doctor and cancer survivor, Orgain is the first completely organic meal replacement drink. Packed with superior ingredients such as brown rice and pomegranate, Orgain also one-ups the competition with its vigorous blend of high protein and low sugar content. Most importantly, they taste great and not like some other meal replacement drinks.

health-drinks-1.jpg health-drinks-2.jpg

The Tooty Fruity line of ice-blended or 100% fruit smoothies from Sweetbird are vegan-friendly, flavorful and refreshing. We also like the packaging.