Vending Machine Ramen


From hot canned coffee to warm corn soup, Japanese vending machines do their best to meet all your vending machine needs. This May, Kyoto-based company Fujitaka began selling Sapporo-style canned ramen for ¥300 ($2.67) a pop to nerds in Akihabara, Tokyo's electronics district. Yes, you can buy canned noodles! For the country that invented instant ramen, vending machine noodles must be a godsend! The product is so popular and the demand is so strong that the maker is having difficulty filling orders. This summer, Fujitaka also began selling chilled canned noodles and plans to introduce curry udon and Hakata-style ramen.

Since the noodles are made from konnyaku, they won't go soggy and can be stored for up to three years at room temp. No wonder local authorities have even contacted Fujitaka about stockpiling the canned noodles for emergencies. More than perfect nerd food!

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by Brian Ashcraft