Victory Gardens

Vancouver's full-service urban gardening firm takes city-dwellers from seeds to salads on rooftops, balconies and patios


Notions and perceptions revolving around food have changed drastically in recent years. As organic options become the norm for many, the origin and social and environmental impact of food continues to become a greater concern—with many consumers seeking a greater role in the production of their food. In urban areas, there’s an inherent problem in growing your own food: Space. Vancouver’s full-service urban gardening firm Victory Gardens is overcoming this challenge by designing, educating and facilitating urban food production with a core goal in mind: To help people grow their own food.

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The team at Victory Gardens works with clients (both businesses and individuals) to make the most of their space—space they might not have even considered. “There is roughly over 15,000 hectares (37 acres) of rooftop alone in Vancouver,” says co-founder Lisa Giroday. “And the rooftops are obvious. We’re excited about exploring more spatial opportunities and utilizing space that isn’t realized to facilitate growth.” Founded by three Vancouverites with experience in industrial design, the food industry and entrepreneurship, Victory Gardens has grown from an idea to a thriving socially conscious startup since its inception in March 2012. The trio uses their industrial design expertise to fabricate planter boxes and custom gardening systems to optimize the conditions of each location.


“If you don’t have a garden, we can build it and design it for any location. If you don’t know how to garden, we can teach you. If you don’t have the time we can grow it and tend to your plants,” Giroday says of the brand’s holistic approach. “As much as we are about building gardens, we are about building community through food.” The team at Victory Gardens has found themselves connecting with neighbors simply by getting their hands dirty. “We have developed so many inter-generational connections in our community through food,” says co-founder Sandra Lopuch. “It’s the common denominator and contributes to a strong social fabric for neighborhoods.” In addition to their work with clients, the team at Victory Gardens shows their passion for education by leading workshops and community events.

Just in time for the holidays and to begin your next project, Victory Gardens has launched an online store with everything you need to start your garden—from seed bundles to a heavy duty canvas gardening apron specially designed by Victory Gardens.

Images courtesy of Victory Gardens