Julia Holter: Hello Stranger

Jessie Ware, Theo Parrish, Julia Holter, Benoit & Sergio and a tribute to the late Gerry Goffin in the music we tweeted this week

As part of her critically acclaimed EP Loud City Song and a forthcoming 7″ double A-side, Julia Holter’s ethereal “Hello Stranger” places her exquisite voice front and center, surrounded by the occasional array of strings, trombone and ambient noise. The result is airy, oftentimes otherworldly and delicately soulful. While more on mainstream side of the LA-based singer’s body of work, it maintains the hypnotic vibes of her experimental tracks. Holter initially sparked attention for her first two albums, which were primarily recorded in her bedroom. Despite the bigger production on this track, it still exudes that dream-space magic.