While it might take a lot of je ne sais quoi to wear São Paulo clothing brand Amapo's fabulously bright, colorful inventions, the risk is worth the undivided attention.


Partners Carolina Gold and Pitty Taliani came together in 2004 to design a collection based on exclusive prints with a twinge of beach-side sensibility, which has since become the brand's defining agenda and the stuff that M.I.A. would love—in fact, the ladies behind Amapo met the funk princess when she was in town and betrothed to her a few goodies.

But Amapo, still a rising star, remains a free-time project for the duo saved for when they get home from their day jobs at a major Brazilian textile company and assignments from Surface to Air Paris. With fingers crossed, this might all change after their upcoming entry at São Paulo Fashion Week, slated for 21 January 2008.

Unfortunately Amapo doesn't have a website, so you'll have to hoof it to Surface to Air São Paulo to see the line.