Brecho Luxo


Only a little more than six months old, BrechoLuxo2.jpg


Brecho Luxo began when Reboredo's friends relied on her discerning taste to find them clothes, and after growing into a stint in Surface to Air (which still currently stocks their more valuable discoveries), Reboredo and Franca knew they had to open a store at least to get rid of all the clothes that had been collecting in their apartment.

Brecho Luxo's second line of business is in renting and loaning clothes to the wardrobe departments of commercial campaigns and stylists for fashion editorials in Vogue and Elle, but they're already moving on to the next project at a fast pace: a signature line of clothes, very much based on retro fashion. The store's site lists current stock with prices and if you see something you have to have, drop them a line.