Bamford Watch Department’s Limited Edition Rolex Sky-Dweller

A customized Rolex leaves little to aspire to

Generally held on a horological pedestal, Rolex is often associated with being the best of the best. But what happens when your Roley just isn’t unique enough and you’re not ready to experiment with an MB&F? You turn to Bamford Watch Department, customizer of fine time pieces. Their latest edition, available in an exclusive run of eight watches, is one of Rolex’s newest models and one of the most sought after, the Sky-Dweller. The Bamford Watch Department’s customization brings the sophisticated sport watch up to speed with its highly coveted black MPVD coating. The watch allows wearers to adjusting the bezel to display the time in two time zones simultaneously, as well as the date and month on the same dial. All driven by Rolex’s newest and most intricate movement, the 9001.

The beautiful Bamford Sky-Dweller will soon be available for pre-order directly from Bamford Watch Department for the princely sum of £43,500.

Image courtesy of Bamford Watch Department