BTL Luggage


BTL (pronounced "beetle") is a new luggage line designed by China Young. Named after the Jewel Beetle, the collection aims to adopt the bug's intricate beauty and remarkable fortitude in the form of striking, resilient suitcases. Young hopes to appeal to a chic brand traveler "whose identity cannot be captured by a colored ribbon on a black suitcase."

An expert in accessory design, Young spent more than 15 years between Old Navy, the Gap and Loop Design, where he made handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats, hosiery and anything not considered apparel. We had the pleasure of speaking to Young about his upcoming line, which he expects to launch in exclusive distribution by September.


Is this your first foray into luggage design?
Yes. It's my first date with luggage, and I think I like it.

What made you decide to branch out?
I was frustrated with ugly luggage, and so I decided to become a luggage activist.

What do you see as the main problem with contemporary luggage design?
The current designs don't reflect what the modern consumers expect from their accessories.

How does the creative process differ from designing other accessories?
My process is essentially the same. Designing luggage by looking through a handbag lens makes the luggage every bit as refined as the handbag industry.

So what's on the horizon for BTL?
BTL is planning to launch its own travel boutique in Las Vegas by March 2009 . followed up by BTL Luxury handbag line in Fall '09.

See some selections from the collection after the jump.