CH25: Roxie Darling

The NYC colorist boldly defining the next chapter of hair

Hair is one of the biggest (or perhaps most obvious) expressions of personal style. Coloring it makes a statement, showing how daring we can—or who we want to—be. While many go with natural shades, increasingly others opt for bright, adventurous hues, as evidenced by Manic Panic’s resurgence.

For the visionary hair colorist at NYC’s Hairstory Roxie Darling, everything around her is inspiration. The 27-year-old draws from what she sees in nature, on the train or in everyday life. While she shuns trends, Roxie does see a “go big or go home” attitude emerging around hair color. Of her own philosophy, she explains, “I’d like to see people taking serious risks with neon shades done well (yes, neon can be sophisticated) or keep it calm and beautiful with natural hues.”

Read about how Roxie’s influence extends far beyond the salon in her CH25 profile.

Illustration by Jason Ratliff, images courtesy of Hairstory