Chronicles of Never Sunglasses


by Max Berlinger

Former Ksubi designer Gareth Moody has his hands full these days. Not only is he hard at work on his ready-to-wear line Chronicles of Never, he's also about to debut his newest pet project: sunglasses. The term "shades" takes on a whole new meaning with Moody's creations, featuring huge frames and pitch-black tinted lenses that seem to reference Jackie O, Rachel Zoe, Bob Dylan and the Brat Pack all at once. That may sound like a car crash of over-the-topness, but as you can see, they're surprisingly subtle and the perfect way to silently convey, "Don't talk to me, I'm busy." Or of course, our personal favorite, "Don't talk to me, I'm hungover and on my way to get greasy food." Either way, these are some serious shades for the brighter days ahead.

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