Revo’s “Indestructible” Bear Grylls Sunglasses Collaboration

Accessories fit for an adventurer

During the development of their new collection, tech-forward sunglasses brand Revo and acclaimed survival instructor Bear Grylls sought an indestructible material that would meet the needs of adventurers. Grylls was drawn to Revo for their well-known technical capabilities. “The lens technology on Revo is second to none,” he explains to CH. “So that was a big pull. Its mirror coating is a NASA-based technology and it’s a huge step forward in the eyewear space.” Understandably, he wanted a frame to match the lenses.

Confidence in your gear empowers you, no matter where your adventure takes you

“Confidence in your gear empowers you, no matter where your adventure takes you,” he continues. Thus the proprietary, nearly unbreakable Revo SuperFlex frame material—an exclusive to this collaboration—took shape. Lightweight, durable and flexible, this unique plastic continues to demonstrate Revo’s commitment to functional and future-forward material innovation. “It’s from this that we designed a collection of four signature models—and I’m hugely excited to be launching this line,” Grylls concludes. Between his distinct vision and that of the brand, the collaboration exceeds the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and those venturing into the wilderness for adventure.

Revo’s Bear Grylls collection will be available online and at outdoor retailers, as well as optical stores. The Maverick is already for sale and starts at $149.

Images courtesy of Revo