Chronicles of Never


Gareth Moody is a name likely to trigger the memory for his part in fashion's bad boy trio, Tsubi. A few years on and a few years older this Sydney-based designer has sought beauty and creative satisfaction in the guise of a new men's and women's clothing, footwear and accessories label Chronicles of Never (CON). Sleek, sharp and striking, CON fuses industrial materials with the light headiness of dreams; simultaneously leading and ignoring fashion. We checked in with the poetic surfer to talk about melting pots, muses and Marvin.

Some may view this new line as the "mature" Mr.Moody. Do you feel the CON collections are more "adult" than your previous work?
Yes, I feel it's a natural progression, considering I am somewhat older and my tastes have changed a little since the Tsubi days. But I feel that the side of me you seem to be seeing [now] has always been there, it just didn't come out right in the past.

Who do you design for? Do you have a muse as such?
I design for me. Muse? I don't have one at present, I'm still trying to find her.

If you had to have one song to best describe your attitude to CON, what would it be?
Black Sabbath's "Changes."


How do source inspiration for the jewelery element of CON?
I see the world as one large melting pot; sources of inspiration come from every aspect of life. I don't really look under than stone or turn that leaf, it comes from everything and everyone.

Worried any of the knuckle busters could be used as more than just a fashion statement?
No. What people choose to do with their fists is their responsibility. I didn't set out to create weapons, after all they're not atomic bombs are they?

Who's involved in the design process?
At this stage the majority is me, but as things grow and I branch into more areas I have found other are people are required from time to time. The process from design to production is a long one and many people are involved in this journey. I like to get other artists' ideas and input and, where possible, designs—it adds another element. I work hand in hand with River from River and Sons in creating the jewelery. He has a lot of input in production and development and we collaborate on some design. He knows and understands my aesthetic and has a good understanding of what I'm trying to achieve. He makes sense of some of my designs that make no sense.

If you had to pick one piece you have designed in the last six months to represent the label as a whole which would it be and why?
The Mono shoe for its simplicity.

Biggest obstacle with getting CON up and running?
The back end. I'm not really a fan of number crunching.


Did you think at all about the link between the acronym (CON) and the idea of the neverland being a fake reality when you named it? And if so, do you think fashion is a reflection of this state?
Yes. You are the first to pick up on this.

How did you hook up Marvin Scott Jarrett to shoot your look book?
Marvin Jarrett happens to be a good friend of mine, our friendship developed when I was living in L.A and since then we have planned to do things together. It just so happened that he was in Australia For the MTV Awards. While we were sitting over a beverage, I proposed the idea and the rest is history. We shot the look book the next day.

What is playing in the background as your type your answers to these questions?
Frank Zappa.