Content 2013

Portland’s most untraditional fashion show grows by leaps and bounds


Since its inception in 2009, Content has become one of Portland’s most original and interactive displays of fashion, art and design. Hosted, as always, at the Ace Hotel, Content brought 28 designers to decorate their own room at the hotel and let visitors wander in and out of each designer’s vision.


Some of those visions were more simple than the outrageous, intricate displays of years past. Liza Rietz—one of Portland’s more established designers, known for her clean lines and the sculptural quality of her work—displayed two of her outlandish dresses in an austere black room, while Julia Barbee filled her room with gigantic, gold-edged, abstract cardboard flowers.

Content2013-02b.jpg Content2013-02c.jpg

Heather Sielaff, founder of Olo Fragrance, created a peaceful forest retreat amidst the bustle of the event, while perfumers Imaginary Authors put together a series of dreamy, scented dioramas. The Portland Garment Factory’s symbolic intimation to “Keep your eyes open” was echoed in their pillowcases—made exclusively for the event.


Other rooms were more straightforward but still striking, such as Bridge & Burn’s display of upcoming fall and winter wares, as well as the vibrantly compelling kasuri fabrics of Portland, Oregon-based designer Chiyo Takahashi of Crazy Wind.

Content remains one of Portland’s most intimate fashion experiences; rather than sitting beside a runway or pawing through clothes hanging on a rack, it’s a rare opportunity for customers and designers alike to develop a personal relationship, both with other brands and each other. For more information about the event, visit the Ace Hotel online.

Photos by Adrienne So