John Varvatos Footwear: Spring/Summer 2008


John Varvatos' latest footwear collection takes classic archetypes and squeezes new life out of them. No stranger to men's fashion, Varvatos cut his teeth working at Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein for more than a decade before he started his eponymous clothing line in 1999. Since then, he's expanded from clothes to include fragrance, skincare and (obviously) footwear. Regarding the latter, he's best known for a long-standing partnership with Converse, which produced the popular slip-on Chucks, "Crazy Laces" and myriad other creations.

Less visible is his personal footwear line. In his latest collection, he sticks to his philosophy of taking classic models and adding a subtle, creative touch to bring a new vitality. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a couple pairs of their wingtips and were impressed with the impeccable detailed stitching and design. Just like he did with the iconic Chuck Taylors, he retains the overall style, while adding his own signature. The Dark Ghurka Murray shoes (bottom right) feature handsome, burnished detailing. With the Cloudy Ludlow (bottom left), he experiments with a weathered, vintage coloring fit for both formal more affairs. Both reflect quality production and are handmade in Italy with all-leather uppers, lining and soles.


You can buy John Varvatos footwear at selected retailers around the world, or on the website.