Moscot Mangito

New cat-eye frames inspired by '60s-era Cuban glamour


Adding a Brigitte Bardot touch to their Moscot Originals collection, the new Mangito frames seize on the cat-eye craze for spring. Moscot's take interprets the style more subtly than other current versions, like Alexander Wang's recent kitschy-slash-punk collaboration with Linda Farrow.

Fit for ladies, the brand named the frames for Sol's sister Gladys who ditched NYC's Lower East Side for sunny Cuba Libre-filled days in Havana. Mangito—Cuban slang for sexy, hot and fresh—was the nickname Gladys' future husband gave her when they met there and defines the demurely flirty essence of the new eye wear.

The Mangito specs come either as sunglasses or standard ophthalmic frames. Pick them up online for $250 in black or tortoiseshell.