A new line of watches from a Montreal dream team


From close friends and Montreal design-dream-team Mike Giles, Daniel Julien, and Aaron Daley comes a new line of watches for those that appreciate both artistry and convenience. CH has featured time pieces and more from the masterminds previously (including the exclusive limited edition CH x Furni Farmer watch) but never before as a complete trio, launching their first collaborative company, Neuvo.


The “Prospector Collection” will be the first offering from the much-anticipated Neuvo company, featuring four metal, digital timepieces. With the beautifully-crafted vintage feel of your father’s old worn-in watch and all the accouterments of a modern-day digital, the collection refers to a time when things were simple and value was measurable.


Each piece comes loaded with everything one could want in a watch, including a 12 or 24-hour display, chronograph, an hourly chime, backlight, and alarm. The watches are also water-resistant, so you can keep track of the time in style even under a light rain.


The metal watches are plated in either brushed gold, silver, bronze, or black, and only 200 of each is going into production. For those nervous about ordering wearables online (especially limited editions!), Neuvo has even created a free “try it before you buy it” iPhone app, currently available on iTunes. Without the hassle of ordering and returning, you can try on a virtual Neuvo watch on an image of your own wrist. Once you’ve made your selection, the app can take you directly to the purchasing info for your new accessory of choice. Each sells for the very fair price of $45 (plus shipping) exclusively from Neuvo’s brand-new website,