New Balance Super Team 33, Fanzine 1400s


Inspired by homemade publications, this limited-edition series of New Balance 1400s, called "Fanzine," is designed by NB's European team. It's the third and latest collection from their Super Team 33 (ST33) line, named for the 33 artisans who hand make the shoes in Skowhegan, Maine.

A print evoking black-and-white photocopies that lines the socklining (and also shows through a translucent sole) features text that translates "DIY" into several languages. The three colorways, red, blue and white, are an homage to popular paper stocks used in making zines and the vamp and midsole are a reference to the look of heavily inked dots made by old typewriters. Somehow all the elements come together nicely and the shoe has the raw simplicity of the fanzine aesthetic.

To see the previous season of ST33s as well as a complete listing of the 33 shops where they will be sold starting 20 July 2007, go here. For more images go here.