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Pardon Jack Johnson

No Mas and Barking Irons honor a heavyweight champ and civil rights hero with a new t-shirt

PardonJackJohnson_white1.jpg PardonJackJohnson_red1.jpg

One hundred years ago this 4 July 2010, “The Fight of the Century” took place in Reno, Nevada. The first-ever black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson defended his title by defeating the “Great White Hope” Jim Jeffries and delivering a blow against racism. Despite the success, two years later Johnson was convicted and incarcerated under the Mann Act for his romance with a white woman.


In support of the upcoming Reno-based rally asking President Obama to pardon Johnson and finally clear his name, No Mas and Barking Irons teamed up to create the “Pardon Jack Johnson” t-shirt. A portion of the proceeds will go to PBS, which aired the provocative documentary, “Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson” in encouragement of this stance.

Available in white and red, you can order the turn-of-the-century-style graphic tee online for $40.