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The Nightstream

A €16,500 mountain bike that might be more suited for the wall than the trail


Describing their products as “perfectly handcrafted and strictly limited objects of art,” Germany’s Vandeyk Contemporary Cycles this fall will release the Nightstream, a retro-inspired mountain bike with a whopping €16,500 price-tag. The bike brand, comprised of “a handpicked brigade of experts in fields as diverse as design, bicycle frame building, photography, and writing,” seeks to produce revolutionary, highly-sophisticated designs with each hand-constructed bike.


Constructed with only state-of-the-art components and masterful German craftsmanship, the Nightstream is equipped for off-road use, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one of these outside of a display. With only twenty-five being produced, exclusivity is guaranteed.


Vandeyk’s cyclo-cross and road models are currently in development, while the Nightstream will be released in September. Direct inquiries to the Vandeyk website to order.


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