Roots’ Customizable Varsity Jackets

Classic winter wear with a personal touch from a family-owned company


For over 40 years, family-owned Canadian apparel and accessories brand Roots has produced top quality, hand-crafted apparel and accessories with comfort in mind. Now, they’re letting customers voice their own aesthetic choices with a customizable varsity jacket, built upon the frame of their standard Award Jacket, much in the same way high school students direct their own jacket details upon receiving their first letter. This is more than going the route of custom colors and multiple leather options (though that’s a nice plus, as well). Rather, there are plenty of ways to make this completely one-of-a-kind, from embroidered logos and imagery to monograms and more.


As expected from a brand known for its personal touch, orders cannot be placed online. While a full form of customization options can be emailed to potential buyers, and colors are outlined on the website, the people behind Roots prefer an in-store touch or an over-the-phone discussion. This outlines all the bells and whistles available and the pricing options accompanying each. Back in 1987 David Bowie sported a signature Roots jacket, and many more have since. All the while, pricing has stayed reasonable, quality has remained a priority and even as they’ve adopted advanced machinery, the human touch reigns supreme.

Varsity Jacket orders can be taken in-store at four locations (Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Park City and Birmingham) or through customer service over the phone, with prices beginning at $358.

Images courtesy of Roots