Satya Twena Sunhats

Packable, adjustable, waterproof and super protective, these hats mean there is no excuse to not be sun smart this summer


Known for her old-school methodology and handcrafted toppers, NYC-based milliner (and a CH favorite) Satya Twena is at it again with a line of sunhats that do more than make a beach-friendly statement. Launched this week on Kickstarter, Twena’s new hats are not only collapsible, waterproof and adjustable—making them highly functional—but also 98% sun-proof. (They have earned a UPF rating of 50+, which is the maximum given for UV protective clothing.)

The designer spotted a gap in the market between protective and stylish summer headgear and took it upon herself to create a solution. “I started making hats when my mother lost her hair due to the effects of cancer treatment,” she says. “And in recent years, I’ve noticed more friends and family members were getting treated for skin cancer, so I made a decision that I wanted to make products that were part of a solution not part of the problem.”

SatyaSunhat-02a.jpg SatyaSunhat-02b.jpg

As her first foray into sun gear, the designer’s process started with extensive material research that took almost an entire year. The result of her findings is a polyester blend combined with a special weaving process that has meant the hats are also waterproof. “We have a client in Florida who swims with hers on,” says Twena.

The simple shape of the hat derives from Twena’s desire to create something universally flattering, but it’s the ingenious addition of a small pocket inside the brim for cards and cash that makes it really unique. Playful, functional and protective, these hats mean there’s no excuse not to be sun smart this summer.

Available in a wide range of colors (in both adult and kids’ sizes), Twena’s sunhats are now available through the Kickstarter Campaign for a pledge of $99.

Images courtesy of Satya Twena