Snarkitecture Book

Available for pre-order now (but shipping 2 April), Snarkitecture’s first book promises to be inspiring and beguiling. This 256-page hardcover includes 400 illustrations showcasing 70+ works from the New York-based studio. Founded in 2008 by artist Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture has been responsible for some of the most charming and immersive projects and their self-titled book will surely uncover some hidden treasures.

COS + Snarkitecture’s Huge Marble Run in Seoul

Suspended from the ceiling of Seoul’s Gana Art Gallery is COS and Snarkitecture’s latest collaboration: a huge, lilac-colored marble run. The installation (titled “Loop”) has four tracks on which every five seconds, a glass marble is released and travels the run—only to be dropped into a pile of marbles in another room. Snarkitecture co-founder Daniel Arsham says, “While we wanted the design to be playful, …

Interview: Daniel Arsham on His Multi-Faceted Collaboration with adidas Originals

We talk to the artist about his first wearable work and the hurricane that changed his life

About two minutes into the first segment of Daniel Arsham’s trilogy, “Hourglass,” we see a brief shot of a TV screen showing the colorful swirl of a hurricane barreling toward Miami—an image that has been burned in to my head since seeing it first-hand in my own Miami home in 1992. Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida that August and was the most destructive storm in …