Kith’s Snarkitecture Co-Designed Space

The lifestyle brand partners with the design firm for a visually stunning revamped and expanded location


A testament to their success above and beyond the world of footwear, lifestyle brand Kith is about to unveil an exciting renovation to their Manhattan storefront and, with it, an expansion of the space and dedicated, exclusive products. Kith’s founder Ronnie Fieg partnered with design firm Snarkitecture (a CH favorite) and the result is just as much art as it is retail. From gaslit organization to a grand entrance underneath a ceiling of shoes and a wall of pencils, it’s an impressive display that represents a lot of Kith’s core elements: creative, different and beautifully executed.


“Snarkitecture is very important to the world,” Fieg shares with CH on the partnership. “I met Daniel Arsham through a friend. We just kicked it. When the idea came about to expand, I approached Daniel to work with his architecture firm, Snarkitecture, on the space. Daniel loved the idea.” Fieg spent months with Snarkitecture’s team, ideating and exploring. “It’s the first retail space that they’ve ever worked on,” he continues. “The ideas that they’ve come with, I’ve massaged into the retail world. It was a perfect fit. Alex and Daniel are going to be here for a very, very long time. The two of them together is a deadly combination: a super creative and a guy who can put everything on paper.”


Fieg feels that the space and partnership “perfectly represents the brand [Kith].” But of equal importance, this expansion means they can design even more. “This will give us the opportunity to grow anywhere outside of footwear and, when I say ‘anywhere,’ I mean any other product you can think of, I will probably get into—if it makes sense for the brand.” Fieg and his team have already ventured beyond expectation with the products launching with the store opening. “We’ve made chapstick, chocolate, socks,” he notes. Kith’s expansion actually meant taking over some space from NYC staple Atrium. “Atrium has a lot to offer for the city, and what they represent will always be true to their brand,” Fieg says. “I believe that side by side both brands will be successful for many years.”

Kith’s space will open to the public on Saturday, 11 October 2014, at 644 Broadway in NYC.

Images courtesy of Nolan Persons