Merch With 100% of Proceeds Donated to Organizations + Bail Funds

Help significant causes with your clothing purchases

Brands across various industries are stepping up to donate funds right now—some offering impressive amounts, some not so much. The brands that make the T-shirts selected here are promising to send 100% of the proceeds to various bail funds, community programs and legal aid services across the country. Of course, we urge readers to contact their representatives, protest and vote if you can. And for …

Consider Donating to These Organizations To Fight Systemic Racism

Be a part of the ongoing fight for unconditional equality

Systemic racism is an emotional, mental and physical burden for black individuals every single day. Feeling helpless in the fight against white supremacy is common, but we must continue through protests and votes, and—if you are white—by understanding and using one’s privilege positively. Be it simply calling out offensive language, “jokes” and micro-aggressions, we can make a difference daily. Another avenue is supporting important organizations …

Little Cloud Pocket Amulet

Carry a token of love and positivity everywhere you go, with this Little Cloud amulet from FriendsWithYou. The art collective will also be donating 10% of proceeds to the ACLU. The brass-plated lead-free pewter trinket is limited to 1,000 pieces.